Where to go?

Can we try one more thing, before we just call us friends? Is what and is still pending in my mind and in your messege box, waiting to be sent. Back and forth within myself, sad one minute then num the next. The end of this relationship caused you and I to hurt, but what […]

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Two Damaged Trees

I kinda feel the same, then it turns to an unsureity, then switches to a kind of sadness cause I really do care for her. Then it switchs again and Its a focus towards building my business. Then recycles over and over. I donl not desire another women at this point. I think this is […]

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Here I am, getting my life back on track. Im finally enrolled in college for Massage Therapy at Ivy Tech. The excitement I feel is real. From the devastating break up, high nicotine consumption, and deep isolation. I think I was smoking maybe a black n mild a day. I use to be angry at […]

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November 28th 2018

Today is not a good day. My depression has definitely set in. Since becoming aware. I can feel it surfacing days prior to its apperence. I feel weighted down. I wanted to network today for my mobile massage business. You know, find some events happening I could go to or get involved in. Get pricings […]

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LOVE It was my senior year of high school. Like everybody else I was ready to graduate. Walking around like, fuck this school. I tell you what. I made sure as shit to take all my hardest classes first, so I could coast through my senior year. I took a Human and child development class […]


The Start.

Going through school was tough and mentally stressful. By 10th grade I became suicidal not knowing what was going on in my head. In elementary i use to rub on my teachers legs that wore stockings. My 1st grade teacher Ms. Mellet had the best legs I ever seen. Them legs probably still look good […]

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